Just For Kids




SandyPines is proud to offer one of the few children’s programs of its kind in the state of Florida.  This unique program offers mental health and behavioral health treatment for male and female children ages 5-12, in a safe and secure therapeutic environment.  This unit boasts a vibrant, colorful, and playful atmosphere, with its own private outdoor play area for supervised outdoor playtime, and a bright indoor playroom utilized daily for games, therapeutic exercises, movie time, and reinforcement and recreation activities.

The children’s unit also has direct access from the residential environment to our state of the art school, RiverBend Academy. Here they attend class during regular school days in the elementary school classrooms.

At SandyPines we understand kids need to be kids. Our recreation and creative therapy components expose the children to expressive arts, basic sports skills, team play and outdoor/nature-based activities. SandyPines requires family participation in treatment and support on going family interaction. We invite parents to talent shows and art shows to showcase their child’s talents. We also host weekend family cookouts and family fun activities. Parents are also encouraged to participate in special family dinners on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For parents living outside of our immediate area and needing accommodation, SandyPines has partnered with Molly’s House, a hospital hospitality house located in the Stuart area 15 minutes away from our facility.

Our goal on the children’s unit is to provide exceptional mental health treatment all while allowing each resident to still be a kid!